Spiritual Readings


As a Spiritualist Medium, I have found that we all suffer from the loss of loved ones. It took me a long time to discover that I had a gift to talk to people on the other side of life.

In my childhood, I had visions which I could not understand and as I grew older I experienced events which often saved me from being injured. When my daughter was born & within the first few years of her life, I kept hearing sounds within my house. After having a local medium visit, I found out it was my parents in the afterlife who were around looking after her & keeping her safe.

The local medium I had contacted, advised me that I had the gift & asked me to join a development circle. The group helped me to enhance & understand my gift.

We all find it hard to let go of someone we have lost to Spirit & would just like that chance to either hear from them once more or to be reassured they are safe and well.

I offer one to one readings or individual readings to a group of 4 (max) in your own home. My connection to spirit is made through your invitation & I would encourage you to contact me to allow me to outline what will take place.

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